May I Visit the Farm?

We do offer private Farm Tours, but because of their popularity and because giving tours of the farm takes us away from the valuable time we would otherwise spend farming, we charge $5 per person and ask for a minimum attendance of 10 people. Your donation goes directly toward supporting the farm.

If you are interested in scheduling a Farm Tour, please contact our Intern Coordinator at We will coordinate a time that works well for both you and our farmers, and will designate a Farm Intern or two to give your group a tour.

For individuals who would simply like to stop by to see the farm, we invite you to conduct your own self-guided tour. Before you stop by, we ask that you call ahead (505-977-9073) to make sure that we are there, and that you not disturb the farmers as they work when you arrive. We also ask that you not step in the fields, as it can disturb the delicate balance of our operations.

We are located off I-25 and Isleta Blvd. SW. at 7525 Ray Court. SW, behind Jerry's Market. The farm is not the proper place to pick up orders or to drop off coolers. You can do so at our warehouse at 3435 Stanford Dr. NE.

***Our farm is completely Non-Smoking. If you have recently smoked a cigarette or are wearing clothes contaminated by cigarette smoke, please do not touch any of the plants in our greenhouses, as tobacco contamination may increase the risk of spreading tobacco mosaic virus disease.

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