What is a Harvest Box?

Our Harvest Boxes are designed to showcase and give you the best value for the amazing produce we bring in from our small network of certified Organic growers. The contents of our Harvest Boxes change weekly, as every week, our growers have something new and different that they are harvesting for us. Our goal through the Harvest Boxes is to highlight the products our growers are most proud of, offering you a convenient way to sample the best flavors of the season while allowing you the flexibility to customize your orders to your exact preferences.

Our Harvest Boxes come in four different sizes to suit all households. Although we set default items for Harvest Boxes each week, we offer the option to fully customize your Harvest Box with a list of available substitutions to trade out for default items. If you need some extra items, you also have the option to add a la carte items to your order, which you can add as recurring items as well.

As a member, you decide how often you want to receive your food. You can place individual orders, weekly orders, or bi-weekly orders. There is no commitment to ordering from us, so if you need to put your Harvest Boxes on hold or cancel your membership, you can do so at any time.

Each Friday, we will post the new contents of the Harvest Boxes for the upcoming week. As availability of produce changes from week to week depending upon the many variables that affect harvests, our default items are subject to change, so always check to see what we've got listed for you as our selections may be different!

We will also provide the origin of the standard Harvest Box items so that you can see which where your Harvest Box produce is coming from.

You can view a list of this week's box selections by clicking here.

Our boxes:

Mini | $25 | 8 items :  Best for singles or 2 light eaters.

Small | $30 | 10 items :  Best for couples or 3 to 4 light eaters.

Medium | $36 | 12 items :  Best for families of 2 to 3 adults or families with small children.

Large | $42 | 14 items :  Best for families of 3 to 4 adults or larger families with children.

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