Why Did I Receive an Unexpected Order?

The most common reason members receive an unexpected delivery is because there were items in their Shopping Cart when their cut-off time rolled around. Anything that is in your Shopping Cart at 10am the day before your delivery will be automatically submitted as your finalized order unless the order total is below our order minimum amount ($25).

Another common reason for this is having a Recurring Order that is not set up correctly. Log in to your account and select the day of the week you received your delivery from the drop-down menu that says "Choose Your Route". Click on My Recurring Items, and your recurring order items will appear there. Remove anything that is not correct or adjust the dates or frequency that you'd like to receive your order.

Make sure to save your changes!

Once you have done that, from the "Choose Your Route" drop-down menu, select the other delivery routes that are available to you to make sure that you don't have a recurring order in place for other delivery routes. Follow the same steps if anything is incorrect, and save your changes.

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