How do I Place an Order?

To place an order, make sure you are logged in and click on the "Choose Your Route" drop-down menu. From this menu, select the delivery day you prefer. All of your upcoming orders for the next four weeks will appear here.

Click on the date you'd like to receive your delivery.

Next, click on "Browse Products" to begin navigating through our grocery aisles to locate the item you wish to add.  When you have found the product you wish to add, click "Add".

A window will pop up where you can choose the order details for that item.

If you want to place a one-time order, simply select the date you wish to receive the product and click either of the Save options.

If you want to place a Recurring Order, use the drop-down to select Recurring Order, then choose either Every Week or Every Other Week.  Select the date you wish this recurrence to begin, then click either of the Save options.

To check your work, click back on "My Shopping Cart" to review your changes.


*** Remember that anything you place in your Shopping Cart will be submitted as your finalized order if it is still there at your designated cut-off time. It is not necessary to click a Submit button for your order to be processed.

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