How Do Cooler Fees Work?

Unless you pick up your order from a pickup location, you will receive your order in a pre-chilled Coleman cooler. Please continue reading for details on how deposit charges and credits work:

  • When you place your first order for delivery, we will add a $20 Cooler Fee to your invoice for the purchase of a cooler. You will continuously exchange coolers with your delivery driver each time you receive an order until you stop service with us. When you cancel your membership, your last cooler is yours to keep unless you are an Albuquerque member and are able to drop it off at our warehouse in exchange for a deposit refund.
  • You will only be charged a Cooler Fee on your first order, and thereafter, you will only incur a cooler fee if you receive your order in more than one cooler, or if you do not return your last cooler to the driver on your delivery day.
  • When you return more than one cooler to us on your delivery day, the additional credits will be applied to your account as a discount toward the total of your order. Otherwise, you won't see any cooler credits applied to your account.
  • Members who exchange coolers on a 1/1 ratio won't see any notations on their accounts for cooler exchanges.
  • We do not schedule cooler pick-ups any longer, so if you'd like to return coolers to us, you may drop them off at our warehouse which is located at 3435 Stanford Dr. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107. Otherwise the cooler is yours to keep.




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